Occlusal Splints

Night. Guarded.

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Keysplint by Keystone Industries®

Our night guards offer a solution for individuals experiencing bruxism and teeth-grinding.

The KeySplint Soft™ and KeySplint Hard™ are two types of night guards that have been designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you are in need of a soft or hard night guard, we have a solution that provides optimal comfort and protection for your patient’s teeth. Our night guards are a ideal for dentists looking to alleviate the detrimental symptoms that bruxism and teeth-grinding can cause.

Night Guardian

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Keysplint Soft

Keysplint Soft is the perfect slightly flexible material for splints and night guards.

This DLP-optimized resin offers a truly exceptional printing material. It combines the strength needed to protect teeth against disorders like bruxism, with added flexibility for a better patient comfort.


Keysplint Hard

Designed for rigid dental splints. Keysplint Hardprovides therapy for bruxism and cases where tooth immobilisation is needed. Keysplint Hard contains similar properties to KeySplint Soft™, with the added strength of a hard resin.


Vacuum Formed Hard and Soft

Hard splints are constructed from high-quality plastic and are very durable, ideal for more severe cases. These splints protect against excessive grinding and prevent further damage to teeth, reduce TMJ pain and help to prevent headaches.

Soft splints offer a more comfortable solution. Made from a flexible, transparent material. These splints are custom-fitted to fit the teeth and contours of the mouth. The use of these night guards can significantly improve the dental health of the patient.


Keysplint Soft™
Keysplint Hard™

Flexural Strength

2.6-4.4 M

60-65 MPa

Flexural Modulus


1510-1600 MPa

Water Sorption

< 18 μg/mm³

18 μg/mm³

Elongation at Break






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