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Get beautiful, high performance IPS e.max crowns for your patients

IPS e.max is one of the most advanced dental materials available for structural restorations. Made from lithium disilicate glass ceramic, IPS e.max offers enhanced translucence, clinically proven strength and durability. This material is becoming the preferred alternative to metal based restorations, due to its stunning esthetics, high versatility and numerous other advantages. We do not exaggerate when we say that this is a perfect blend of beauty and performance.

The IPS e.max difference

There is much to celebrate about IPS e.max.

To start with, there is no other material that can match the true-to-nature esthetics and fracture resilience that this material offers. This is largely due to the fact that it is a monolithic structure when it is fabricated to full contour. With a superior flexural strength ranging from 300 – 400 MPa, there is negligible risk of chipping or fracturing when compared with other feldspathic ceramics.

It is also more translucent than zirconia, and also has a higher degree of opalescence and light diffusivity, making e.max a preferred choice for veneers, single anterior and posterior crowns, inlays and onlays, 3-unit anterior bridges and more, by Melbourne dentists.

Moreover, the fact that it is available for both press and CAD / CAM applications makes it extremely versatile for a large number of patient cases. IPS e.max Press is available as ingots for those who wish to work with the Press technique, whereas IPS e.max CAD and IPS e.max ZirCAD are available. Here, at Dental Creations, we prefer to press all our e.max cases for a more accurate fit and maximum strength of 400 MPa.

Being thinner as compared to PFM crowns means that there will be less tooth preparation required, making procedures minimally invasive and leaving patients happier.

Dental Creations: Your IPS e.max Dental Lab

We are an IPS e.max certified dental lab with rich experience in all-ceramic restorations. Our expert technicians can create high precision, handcrafted e.max fabrications using our advanced lab technology. Every crown and veneer is customized to match perfectly with your patients’ teeth. Apart from this, we also provide the training and support you need to offer this option for your patients.

Providing the option of IPS e.max crowns at your practice will increase predictability in esthetics and clinical outcomes. But most importantly, it will heighten patient satisfaction – which is key to further growth.

If you would like to start exploring the potential of the IPS e.max system for your practice, we invite you to get in touch!


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