Digital Smile Design

Digital dream to reality

Digital Smile Design

Digital dream to reality


Smiles before the surgery.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a modern and innovative approach to cosmetic dentistry. Combining technology with dental technique to create a customized, natural-looking smile for patients.

Give patients the peace of mind of seeing their perfect smile before committing to a procedure.


Every smile is unique.

From images of your patient’s face, smile and teeth, we create the optimum ‘smile potential’ with our DSD software and extensive technical experience.

With a commitment to proceed and an impression/scan,  we then create the 3D design (digital wax-up). Careful analysis of the patient’s facial structure, dental anatomy, and smile characteristics produce the optimum functional and aesthetic result. Input from the clinician, patient and technician enables the final result to be visualised.
Our bespoke virtual design of your patient’s ideal smile is referred to as the Dental Creations ‘Digital Smile Design’.

Digital Smiles Simplified

The process for developing your patient’s DSD is simple. All that we need from you are 2 photos of the patients smile and we’ll work our magic.

The photos below demonstrate exactly what we need in the photos in order to achieve the perfect smile design.

1. A natural smile.
2. Full retracted.

Whilst we will do our best with the images you provide, please ensure the photos are taken on a high quality camera or smartphone and are in focus. Once these photos are taken, send them to us at reception@dentalcreations.com.au.

The process



Once a patient is interested in trying out DSD, you’ll need to take 1 or 2 photos of the patient’s teeth and mouth. Examples of the photos you should aim for are shown above.




Using 3Shape software, our ceramists will analyse the images and create a 3D model of the patient’s mouth. This model allows us to see the current state of the patient’s teeth and gums and identify areas that need improvement.



Based on the analysis, we create a customised digital smile design to suit the patient’s face and facial features. We refer to this stage as a “digital wax up”.



The design is then submitted to you to give to your patient. The patient will have access to a sliding before and after video, accessible on their phone.

Once approved we can get to work on turning a digital dream into a physical reality.


Model Printing

The “digital wax up” can be used to print models for:

  • Clear silicone keys for composite injection/build-up
  • Preparation reduction guides
  • Silicone keys for provisionals/temporaries

Feedback from you, regarding the patient’s acceptance of the provisional crowns/veneers allows our ceramists to proceed to the next stage: ceramic production.


Ceramic Production

Based on the desired method (Veneers, crowns, bridges etc) our ceramists, with painstaking attention to detail, craft the digital design into ceramic. Once completed the patient is able to “try-in”; minor adjustments can be made before cementation.



Finally, after the patient is satisfied with the try-in, all that’s left to do is bond the ceramic into the patient’s mouth. Cementing their perfect smile.



Below are a few examples of how DSD can transform smiles. Use the slider to catch a glimpse at these patient’s smiles before and after we implement the Digital Smile Design.