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Give your patients a smile that will make them smile!

Smile enhancement and cosmetic dental restorations are very common dental procedures across the world. But to achieve a successful and satisfying outcome requires caution, as the results are usually long term, and if they aren’t as desired, one might need to live with them anyway. It is not surprising for patients to feel hesitant about going for these, when the outcome isn’t certain. Here is where Digital Smile Design (DSD) can really help.

DSD has become a very useful tool to show your patients a realistic cosmetic outcome even before they commit to the procedure. It is a treatment planning tool that uses advanced digital technology and photography to analyse patients’ facial and dental proportions to ascertain the best smile design. This is then used to design and visualize how different teeth shapes and lengths would look on the patient, and plan the treatment to make the chosen smile possible for real.

This technology is today regarded as among the most patient centric approaches available in dentistry. It is statistically proven that incorporating Digital Smiles into you practice will have a profound impact on the growth of your practice.

Digital Smiles by our Dental Lab in Melbourne

Although the concept is simple, following the protocols can be complex. Here at Dental Creations, we have simplified the process even more to bring more ease and speed into the process. And for this, we only ask for 2 photos, and we could even make do with 1 at times.

We like to call it Digital Smiles Simplified (DSS).

We know that initially, patients want to see a quick before and after image so that they get reassurance that cosmetic work will be a worthwhile option. This creates an emotional connection and a sense of excitement. It increases the probability for case acceptance and is the reason many dental practices grow.

The treatment plan will then vary from patient to patient. Anything from orthodontics, periodontics and restorative including implants, crowns and bridges can be planned using DSS.

This service comes at a minimal, cost effective fee for all our clients.

See some examples below and the ONLY 2 photos required.


Only 2 Photos Required

The right types of photographs are important to get started with Digital Smile Design. If the wrong types of photos are submitted, the entire design process that follows could be impacted. However, we want to make this as easy as possible. You can do the best you can with as good a camera as possible. We can still get nice results using your smart phone or iPad.

Full Face Smile

This is a simple full face photograph. Do your best to capture your best smile. We know it can sometimes be easier said than done, but with a little practice, you will definitely get the right smile on camera. While doing this, please ensure that your full head is in the frame.

Full Face Retracted

Try to keep the camera at the exact angle as the above. This is probably the most difficult thing to do. Find a way to keep the head steady. A tripod will also help. This is only important if we are looking for a more accurate representation and for treatment planning. Do your best. Practice will make perfect.

For more information, please get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to take you through the process and other tools we use, to ensure a successful cosmetic outcome.

Why you should opt for Digital Smile Simplified

As you would agree, Digital Smile Design combines the most advanced dental technology with aesthetics and ceramic artistry, to create smiles that people can smile about. It is a wonderful way to add more value for your patients, and increase efficiency throughout the restoration process, by delivering the desired results in a more precise and timely manner. But the biggest benefit that this technology offers is unparalleled Patient Satisfaction. Imagine their delight when they are able to have the smile makeover they really wanted!

At Dental Creations, we have been front-runners in implementing cutting edge digital dental technology. We can guide you through every step of the way, and will be available for active discussion on every case. Among the leading and most affordable digital dental labs in Melbourne, we invite you to try out DSS if you haven’t already done so.

To know more about how you can simplify and make the final restorations more predictable for you and your patients, please speak to one of our expert technicians today.


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