To improve accuracy, efficiency and reliability

3D printing has been among the most revolutionary advances in dentistry over the last decade. This technology has already gained much recognition and acceptance in orthodontic, restorative and implant dentistry. More and more dental clinics and laboratories have employed its use in their day-to-day work, to provide custom results in a faster, less invasive and a more affordable manner for their patients.  

Benefits of 3D Printing for your Dental Practice

Higher Ease and Efficiency

3D printing offers a host of advantages, such as the ability to make crowns, bridges, implants as well as do a Digital Smile Design in a more efficient and economical way, without having to go through the process of taking physical impressions and having stone models of the patients’ teeth, or for that matter, having to store physical models or mock-ups of your patients’ teeth. All that you would need is an intraoral scanner that will help you take a digital impression, and we can render a 3D model of the same from the digital file you send us.

Improved Workflow

It will save on transport and storage costs, as well as reduce the lead time from impression to result. 3D printing makes it possible to significantly decrease the turnaround time for crowns, implants and many other restorations or appliances, with a much higher degree of accuracy as compared to the traditional ways.

Patient Satisfaction

Moreover, it allows you to plan your patient treatments better, and deliver on the expected outcome. Our 3D printing dental lab models will allow technicians to check the fit, contact points and occlusion of the restoration or appliance. Our feedback from our clients is that there is minimal if any adjustments. Imagine what this can do for your practice!

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The Dental Creations Advantage

As an early adopter of technology, we have been among the first labs to purchase 3D printing equipment in the country and have always encouraged our clients to experience the many advantages of this amazing technology. Many of our clients already offer intraoral scanning at their clinics and this number is always growing.

What makes our 3D printing dental lab much sought after is the fact that it increases efficiency, while cutting down on the time, effort and costs involved in traditional methods. With its ability to simplify complex geometries and produce highly accurate clinical models, our clients can offer better results to their patients in a much shorter time span.

Apart from models, we also provide 3D printed occlusal splints, surgical guides, and resin provisional crowns. 3D printing has also replaced much of our in-house production. We are now able to print a burnout material, which has replaced wax, for most of our emax, gold and PFM work. Again, this is proving save time and therefore, improving efficiency and accuracy.

If you are looking for a reputed 3D printing dental lab, you should definitely speak to us. Our team is passionate about high quality work and service to match.